Youth Ninja Warrior Training



Why Youth Ninja Warrior Training?

Our classes are the most effective & Fun approach to youth fitness. Our warriors will have fun while all the time becoming fit and developing their athleticism. Each Level of training will bring age appropriate challenges that will build confidence strength and  agility.

Safety is our #1 priority, we will teach all the proper form and technique to develop a functional strong Warrior.

Who is Youth Ninja Warrior Training for?

  • Pre-school
  • Elementary
  • Middle School


Ninja Training | Master the art of Ninja movement (functional). We will help the your warriors to develop the mind set need overcome obstacles in their path, Strong mind strong body.

Strength | Warriors will utilize their own body weight to become stronger and agile. Training will aid in the development pushing, pulling squatting, while building a strong core.

Gymnastic | Learn how to jump and land correctly and master the art of  awareness. Climbing, crawling  tumbling and superior balance is what makes a Ninja Warrior.

If you have a group that would like to go through the certification class together, we can schedule a separate class on different days/times. Call or Email to schedule. (please do not just show up)

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