Birthday Parties

warriorbirthdaypartyAll party prices are according to the number of participants and the number of minutes you would prefer in the gym. O.W.T Coaches will design a competitive course that will be fun yet challenging and age appropriate. Any remaining time will be in our lobby where you can celebrate with cake, pizza, drinks and gifts.

TAKE NOTE: We ask that you arrive 10 min prior to your scheduled time and not before. This will allow any parties prior to your arrival the time to exit. There will be a 10 min grace period at the end of each party. If  the time frame exceeds the grace period, there will be a $10 fee every 5 min after the grace period.

Schedule A Party

Number of Participants Length of time on Course/Lobby Price
1 – 15 kids 45 min/45 min $250
1 – 15 kids 1hr/30min $270
1 – 15 kids 1.5hr/no lobby $305
1 – 15 kids 2hr/no lobby $330
16 – 30 kids 45min/45min $300
16 – 30 kids 1hr/30min $320
16 – 30 kids 1.5hr/no lobby $355
16 – 30 kids 2hr/no lobby $380
Half of total price is expected at the time of booking for deposit.
Party Size | Length of time on the course